“Ruth and the Truth” conference for women was held  Oct. 8/9 at Pioneers Hospital. The SSCC helped organize this learning experience based on the Book of Ruth from the Bible. The keynote speaker was from San Diego Christian College, and one of her themes was “mentoring other women.’ There was great speakers, discussion groups and opportunitys to meet outstanding women from various churches and walks of life. it was attended by over 50 women and it was very positively evaluated, and it was very helpful for those victims of domestic violence in the audience. Please add to the Ruth section, “Organizations, individuals and churches, interested in organizing conferences, can contact the SSCC. We are willing to come along side you to help you with your community service or education projects.” or call WOVEN at 344-0411.

 Romans 12:2                     Ephesians 4:17                  Philippians 3:13

     The SSCC staff are committed to improving the community through education, organizing conferences, helping and fundraising. If you are interested in giving to one of the following ministries or getting involved, please email Mr. Shinn at or call the counseling office. Below are some of the activities and their purposes:

     Son-Shine Scholarships-The Mary Shinn Scholarship makes awards available for pregnant or parenting female seniors planning on attending IVC after graduation. Applicants need a GPA of 2.8+ and are encouraged to talk to their high school counselor about getting an application. Funds are raised for three $500.00 scholarships for deserving college-bound students each year. The center has also provided $100 U.S. Savings Bonds for Outstanding Scholastic Junior High Students.

     Adoption Advocates-Many people in society have been touched by adoption or have interest in the process. The SSCC sponsors adoption-related seminars of value to birthparents, adult adoptees and adoptive parents. Educational activities are offered throughout the year and SSCC staff are working with a new adoption agency being organized through Christ Community Church.

     Son-Shine Seminars-The SSCC staff has been providing free, monthly workshops for individuals and couples. We will develop programs in response to needs. After the 7.2 earthquake on Easter of 2010, support groups in English/Spanish were offered to help those experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety.

     Vocational Visions-Imperial County has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. Short term job search counseling and resume development is offered to individuals in need, when referred by a local pastor.

     Son-Shine Media-Film, writing and advertising are all positive mediums for educating the community and promoting health and student well-being. Film projects of Son-Shine Media have raised funds for scholarships and promoted academic achievement among valley youth. Parents who want to motivate their child to improve on test scores can go to the following link for a free viewing:

     The Son-Shine Cinema Crew just finished “The Road to College”, a film for parents about how to help your child get to college. It has videos of several trips to local colleges and interviews with college counselors and local youth who are going to college in San Diego. It was show at the mall theaters call the SSCC for information about a free viewing.

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