Employee Services

Employee Assistance Programs          



            Supervisors often know their employees and notice changes in mood, behavior and work-place functioning. Employee Assistance are services to enhance the well-being of workers. Healthy workers are more productive, loyal and less likely to be involved in costly work-related accidents. Businesses and organizations with Employee Assistance Programs lower labor costs and those related to Workman’s Compensation.

            A personal crisis can affect employee and their productivity. Substance abuse, divorce and health issues within the family can all cause absenteeism or lead to problematic behaviors in the workplace. SSCC services to support management are:

1)        A monthly health and well-being newsletter for all staff. This can also be   available in Spanish.

2)        Confidential phone consultations to discuss concerns about employees.

3)        Staff trainings in team-building, stress management, and problem-solving.

4)        Short-term coaching of management staff for quick work-site solutions.

5)        Quick referrals for counseling and evaluations.

6)        Employer assistance programs (EAP) where the organization pays for those             employees who seek help. The employer pays for first three sessions and      then the employee is responsible for continued care.

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