The Son-Shine Counseling Center (SSCC) has been promoting mental health and wellness in the Imperial Valley since 2009. We are available to help your staff and clients. Below is the clinical team and phone numbers for you to contact them:

Amy Bullock, LCSW is a bilingual therapist with extensive experience in mental health and medical social work. At Children’s Hospital, in San Diego, she lead groups and counseled abused women, teens and children. She worked 5 years for El Centro Regional Medical Center counseling families facing medical crises and coping with death, loss and disability. She currently works part-time, doing individual and group counseling with clients affected by divorce, domestic violence and substance abuse. Her license number is LCS 61927 and you can contact her at 760-540-4335.

Guadalupe Escoto Castro, LMFT (#84289) is a bilingual psychotherapist with extensive experience in the mental health field. She has worked at Imperial County Behavioral Health Services (ICBHS) providing individual, group, and family therapy for adolescents and young adults many with substance abuse problems. She has evidence-based training to treat people suffering from depression and trauma and has worked with incarcerated adolescents. Mrs. Castro currently works as a full-time mental health counselor at Imperial Valley College (IVC). She provides counseling to adults suffering from anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, domestic violence, grief and various adjustment reactions. For an appointment, call Mrs. Castro at 760-427-0738

Jenna Lyon, Marriage and Family Therapist Intern IMF #74299 This clinician is a graduate of Bethel Seminary and has worked in a hospice with adults and children coping with grief and loss. She has expertise counseling individuals and families from a Christian perspective and has conducted group and individual counseling with troubled teens and mothers. She is involved in training as a play therapist for young children. She is supervised by Jim Shinn, LCSW LCS 11740. For an appointment with Ms. Lyon call 760-351-6418.

Gabriel Lam, LCSW, LPCC  (LCS# 26366) is a bilingual therapist who worked many years in the office of 2 psychiatrists and is knowledgeable about testing and psychotropic medications. He has worked in the field of mental health and medical social work. He works with children, teens, couples and adults experiencing depression, anxiety and other disorders. He is currently working on his PhD in Psychology and teaches part time at San Diego State University.

Susana Evers has been certified as a Professional Life Coach and holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling. She’s offering services to partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. A Professional Life Coach can give insights, perspective, inspiration, and guidance. Susana can provide clarity into the direction of your life, your goals, your vision, weaknesses and strengths and how to maximize your potential. Susana is working with adults who are ready to discover their own motivation for change! You can call to make an appointment at (760) 791-4421.  Se habla Español.

James Shinn, LCSW-has been in private practice for over 30 years. He is now aCommunity Educator for Son-Shine Counseling and available for short term counseling,workshops, support groups, health fairs and writing projects. He also has expertise in evaluating programs and motivating staff. He writes for the Desert Review newspaper.  For more information or appointment, call 353-5059.

     The SSCC staff is conducting a parenting research project and outreach program for Amaris Adoption Ministry (760-337-9444). We would like to interview parents (in English or Spanish), who have cared for the children of others. These are foster parents, adoptive parents or grandparents/relatives who care for the children of parents who are incarcerated, struggling with addiction or other mental health issues. The research is looking at factors that lead to successful parenting outcomes. If you know of someone to interview, forward this email to them or leave their name and number at the SSCC (760-353-5059).

     Parents interested in showing up for a group interview, can come to the SSCC, Saturday, March 23 at 1073 Ross Avenue, #C in El Centro at 10:00 am. (Next to Bucklin Park, 3 blocks east of El Centro Regional Medical Center.)

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